Overwintering Your Tortoise



To keep your tortoise awake and eating we have to convince him that summer is still here.  We do this by:-

  • Keeping the daytime room temperature around 20c and the night time room temperature around 15c.  A normal central heating system usually maintains these sort of temperatures when on from around 7am to 10pm.  No additional heating is required during the night.

  • Providing a basking lamp from 8.30am to 6pm (but obviously turn off earlier if your tortoise has moved away and settled for the night).  You are looking for a hot spot of 28c on th floor.

  • Providing a UV lamp which replicates the suns rays.  Again running from 8.30am to 6pm.

  • Place pen under a window or by the patio doors so as much natural daylight is gained.  Also leave a ceiling light on for the duration if it is a gloomy day.

Providing a nutritious weed diet becomes difficult during the winter months.  Why not start growing the Tladys Tortoise Mix on window ledges?  If you have to resort to supermarket food then choose the most nutritious items such as watercress and rocket - available in bags on the salad section.  Red, green, orange and yellow peppers are usually enjoyed (always remove the pips and cut into thein slithers).

Provide an interesting environment for your tortoise - things to climb over and things to hide in.  Ask us for advice if necessary.

Don't forget to provide fresh water.  A terracotta plant pot saucer works well.

Allow him to have some exercise by walking around the room (the kitchen is usually the best place so that any accidents are easily mopped up).