Drinking Water



Water must be provided at all times

This includes indoor accommodation and out in the garden.

Even if your tortoise does not use it's water dish regularly, keep it clean and topped up.

Terracotta plant pot saucers are ideal.  Plastic ones are too light and can be tipped up.

The container must be large enough for a tortoise to sit in if desired.  Sink slightly into the ground or substrate.

Adult tortoises are extremely efficient at retieving their water requirements from their food.  STILL PROVIDE WATER.  If you see a tortoise that does not usually drink start doing so regularly, this is an indicator that he may have eaten something that disagrees with him and he is trying to flush it out of his system.  Or it could indicate a kidney problem.  In any case monitor closely.

Hatchling tortoises drink on a regular basis because it takes time for their systems to become efficient at extracting water from their food.

As baby tortoises get older they will be seen to drink less and less.

Tortoises must be bathed once a week, twice a week for a young tortoise.  Even if you do not see a tortoise take a drink they can take in water via the rear end without you even knowing!

Produced by:  Hampshire Tortoise Society

Always supply clean drinking water.  Clean the bowel frequently and refresh the water regularly.