About Us



The Hampshire Tortoise Society (HTS) is a non profit making organisation dedicated to the welfare of tortoises in capativity.

The story of HTS began in the year 2000 when founder member Julie Hinks arranged for tortoise owners to get together to hear local vet Dr. David Vawer lecture on the hibernation of tortoises.  Since then membership has grown to more than 500.  Although called the Hampshire Tortoise Society, membership and adoptions also cover the Surrey Borders and the Isle of Wight.

Julie is supported by committee members who undertake many tasks for the Society.

HTS is highly regarded by many vets and wildlife agencies and works closely with HM Customs and the Wildlife Police, caring for seized and illegally imported animals.

The aims of the Society are:

  • to promote the welfare of tortoises in captivity
  • to provide advice and literature on the care of tortoises

Another Division of our work is to:

  • care for sick and injured tortoises
  • liaise with HM Customs to care for smuggled tortoises
  • provide homes at our sanctuaries for special needs tortoises
  • find new homes for tortoises in approved, caring surroundings
  • hold fundraising events

Services provided include:

  • educational meetings and courses
  • telephone and email helpline
  • surgeries at Tortark (HQ of HTS)
  • free DVD/Video tortoise care library


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